Rethink Lighting. Realize Savings.

A lighting retrofit can pay dividends for years to come, helping to fund other projects in your business.


1. Savings help fund other projects

Savings are realized through reduced energy costs and maintenance expenses. This is a payback on your investment that continues to accrue every year. Each proposal we provide shows annual energy and maintenance savings. There are many capital expenditures, like installing a new roof or paving a parking lot, that do not have a payback. The savings from a lighting project can actually pay for those other needed improvements.

3. Discontinued Lighting

T12 fluorescent light bulbs and ballasts are no longer being produced. If your facility has these lights you need to make a change. Regardless of the type of fluorescent lamps you have (T-12, T-8, or T-5), we can provide you with better lighting that is more energy efficient and comes with rebate incentives.

2. Utility Rebates

Utility companies offer incentives to upgrade your lighting to more efficient options. Unfortunately, navigating through their rebate processes can be tricky. Energy Stewards has a proven track record with most utility companies and can maximize the incentive amounts while reducing the processing time.

4. Quality, safety, and image

We’ve heard story after story from customers how the productivity and attitude of their employees improves with better lighting. Customers have seen better quality and less product returns for defects that are identified before shipping as a result of better lighting quality. The improved safety of employees is another very tangible result of upgraded lighting. In certain types of facilities, OSHA can require minimum lighting levels be attained in order to better protect the health and welfare of workers. Ultimately, a well-lit business is more attractive and can improve the image of a company to customers and the general public.


If you have a business chances are you have one of two types of lighting – fluorescent lights or metal halide. Both cost you significant amounts in wasted utility costs as well as maintenance.

Metal Halides

Did you know that these lights lose 30% of their capacity in the first year, yet still draw 100% of the power? Lighting quality is drastically reduced and they produce poor conditions for quality and safety.

Fluorescent Lighting

If you haven’t upgraded your light fixtures in the past 10 years, chances are you have T-12 bulbs & ballasts. Regardless of the type of fluorescent you have, there are more cost-efficient varieties available that will significantly add to your bottom line as a result of savings.

LED Advantage

LED lighting options have drastically improved in the past 5 years. They are much more affordable, they come in a variety of spectrum options and they are even dimmable. They provide a significant savings in energy costs and they highly reduce maintenance costs due to their long lifespan.

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