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From assessment TO SAVINGS.

Here’s How It Works.

At Energy Stewards, the process for an LED lighting upgrade for your commercial, industrial, or retail facility is simple, thorough and turnkey. That means you have a single point of contact for the entire process making your involvement relatively minor in comparison to the other capital projects.

Our process starts with a no cost, detailed commercial lighting audit. Our experts will walk through your warehouse, shipping depot, auto dealership, manufacturing facility, parking lot, retail space, and other facilities to carefully observe the current fixtures & bulbs and discuss with you the optimal lighting conditions for each area. We identify inefficient or poor lighting and provide modern LED lighting solutions that improve lighting quality, reduce energy usage and maintenance expenses, and maximize available incentives from the utility company. Our simple-to-read proposal outlines project costs, energy and maintenance savings, potential rebates and a payback calculation for the investment.

We then perform the LED lighting retrofit or installation work and properly dispose of any hazardous products. Finally, Energy Stewards handles any necessary rebate paperwork required by the utility companies on your behalf.


The Process


Free audit of your electrical usage and lighting.


Customized efficient lighting solution for more output with less usage.


Experience staff remove your old lighting and install new.


We take care of properly recycling your old bulbs.


We take care of the rebate forms for you on top of lowering your utility/maintenance costs.

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  • Simply make the call: 814 238 0900
  • We’ll provide you with a free lighting audit complete with savings and payback schedules.
  • We’ll connect you with affordable financing if you need it.

Energy Stewards offers lighting upgrade financing options that provide you with monthly payments that are equal to or less than your savings from your lighting retrofit! That means “net-neutral” on your cash flow.

Why not get the benefits of an LED lighting upgrade without affecting your cash flow, allowing you to use your cash for other business-related expenditures?

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