Now's the time!

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I watched a webinar yesterday on how to restart your business in this crazy, new economy.  Point 1 was DO NOT be a pushy salesperson.  People are not interested in buying stuff right now.  Instead, determine what kind of solutions are available to help the customer and educate and inform.  

It made me think about the benefits of new lights and why would someone want to make that investment now.  Then I light bulb went off in my head (pun intended).   This is the perfect time to invest and not just because we said so.

Here’s Why:

We are in the final year of Phase III of Act 129 in Pennsylvania.  That means, by next summer, the current lighting replacement rebate programs will be expired (if not sooner) and the “free” money from the utility companies will be gone.  More importantly, we can help you save substantial money and get a lighting upgrade.  There is available financing for lighting improvements that allow you to structure your monthly expense to be less than your projected energy and maintenance savings.  That means a Net Positive Cash Flow, New Lights AND a potential Rebate Check from the utility company. 

In today’s current climate, reducing expenses while upgrading your facility could be a huge decision.  What’s not to like?  Additionally, potential tax benefits like accelerated depreciation, exist for lighting upgrades that further sweeten the deal.  It’s hard to see a downside to this scenario. 

We would love to discuss how this might work for you in your facility.  We’re also doing parking lot and exterior building lighting as well to help improve safety and security.  


It all begins with a free lighting audit from our team. We will assess your facility to determine your lighting needs and put together a detailed proposal with energy-efficient recommendations for you. You will have a complete breakdown of proposed lighting options, costs, rebates available, energy savings and project payback times. Give us a call or send us an email.