Car Dealership

Shine the light on your bottom line!

In 2018 / 2019, car dealerships are focused on reducing costs. With the onslaught of online shopping when it comes to automobiles, dealers are looking for ways to improve their bottom line. While many look at the traditional categories of personnel, inventory, and advertising, one of their biggest overhead busters is quite literally, overhead. Their lights.

Look at these stats for a typical car dealership in Pennsylvania:

Average # of hours per year that outdoor lights are on.

Average # of hours per year that interior lights are on:

An average dealership can spend anywhere from $55,000 – $70,000 annually for lighting repair, electricity, and bulb replacement! LED lights can reduce your lighting utility costs up to 42%! Based on the averages above, that’s anywhere from $23,100 – $29,400 per year! That would look good on your bottom line!

LED lights enhance more than your bottom line

The way your vehicles are showcased has a huge impact on sales. High-quality lighting will make the cars look their best, generating a higher level of interest for potential buyers.

Upgrading to LED lights help to:

Enhance the appearance of inventory

Attract more buyers

Improve safety

Reduce vandalism & increase sales

LEDs – the safe bet

Let’s face it – the vehicles on your lot are expensive. So protecting them, as well as visitors to your dealership, is important. A properly lit lot will look, feel and be safer for everyone. On the other hand, a poorly lit parking lot discourages drivers from stopping by and checking out your cars.

Lower costs

LED lights last about three times longer than other lighting solutions with an average life span of 50,000 hours. Halogen or fluorescent lights may seem like the cheaper option on the surface because the bulbs are less expensive, but they only have an average 3,000-hour burn life. This means frequent bulb changes which actually end up making them more expensive than LEDs in the long run, especially when you factor in the cost of maintenance and installation.

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Proven ROI

Learn more about how other Pennsylvania companies have benefited from lighting retrofits and upgrades.