Beverage Air

Fluorescent Upgrade to LED


Beverage Air is a 100,000 square ft. manufacturing facility that produces premier commercial refrigeration and food service equipment. Located in Brookville, PA, this facility spent over 20,000.00 a month on electric bills. The facility is a mix of office and manufacturing space and had fluorescent lighting. Beyond the issue of wasted money in electric bills due to inefficient lighting, an even bigger concern were the issues of quality control, employee safety, and general overall ambiance which affected employee morale. Poor lighting made it virtually impossible to see and monitor production quality throughout the process and employee safety around such dangerous equipment was always a top priority.


Energy Stewards conducted a comprehensive audit of all the lighting in the various areas of the Bev Air plant. We worked with the Operations Manager and Plant Supervisors to create a removal/installation schedule that dovetailed with their production schedules, eliminating any downtime. We removed all old lighting fixtures and replaced their fluorescent high bays with energy efficient LED high bays. In their office areas, new LED panel lights were installed in place of inefficient fluorescent bulbs.  Energy Stewards also handled the recycling of all the old lighting removed from the facility.


The total project was $218,646.64. Energy Stewards secured rebates for Beverage Air from both the utility companies and lighting companies in the amount of $54,994 The entire project took nearly 2 years and the company has now reduced their electric bills by approximately 25% monthly. That’s over $4,000 per month in direct savings to their bottom line.

Total project cost:


Rebates from utility
& lighting companies:


Total project time:

almost 2 years

The Process

Energy Stewards takes pride in making upgrading your lighting to LED simple. Our turnkey 5-step process is comprehensive and designed to make your life easy.


Free audit of your electrical usage and lighting.


Customized efficient lighting solution for more output with less usage.


Experienced staff remove your old lighting and install new.


We take care of properly recycling your old bulbs.


We take care of rebate forms for you on top of lowering your utility/maintenance costs.

Returning customers, such as Beverage Air, have had nothing but positive feedback to share about our turnkey process and our personal involvement in their business. Energy Stewards also offers financing options that provide you with monthly payments that are equal to our less than your savings from your lighting retrofit! That means “net-neutral” on your cash flow.

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