Coca Cola Bottling Plant

T5 High Bay & T8 Fluorescent Lights Upgrade to LED


The Coca Cola Bottling Plant in Milesburg, Pennyslvania wanted to improve the lighting in their office, warehouse, and production area. Coca Cola felt that the T5 high bay lights in the warehouse and on the production floor did not provide adequate lighting for their quality of production and for the overall safety of their employees.  They also felt that the T8 fluorescent lights in their office areas did not provide acceptable light.  Additionally, they were concerned with the amount of mercury contained in all the fluorescent bulbs.  Coca Cola wanted to improve the lighting quality of their facilities, utilize a more earth-friendly product, save energy, and take advantage of any rebates that were available.


Energy Stewards did a full evaluation of the 350,000 ft2 facility and provided Coca Cola with some options to help them improve their lighting and realize energy savings. After reviewing the proposals and seeing the energy cost savings, they selected a plan to replace a 1,000 high bay T5 fluorescent lights for energy efficient LED high bay lights. They also upgraded all of their T8 fluorescent lights to energy efficient LED lights. Energy Stewards took care of installing the new LED lights, the recycling of the old lights, and all the rebate paperwork.


Coca Cola experienced significant savings as a result of the commercial lighting upgrade. With a total payback ROI of just over 2 years, they couldn’t be happier with their decision to do the lighting project.

Total project cost:


Power Company Rebate:


Utility Bill Savings:


Annual Maintenance Savings:


Project payback time:

about 2 years

The Process

Energy Stewards takes pride in making upgrading your lighting to LED simple. Our turnkey 5-step process is comprehensive and designed to make your life easy.


Free audit of your electrical usage and lighting.


Customized efficient lighting solution for more output with less usage.


Experienced staff remove your old lighting and install new.


We take care of properly recycling your old bulbs.


We take care of rebate forms for you on top of lowering your utility/maintenance costs.

Customers, such as the Coca Cola Bottling Company, have had nothing but positive feedback to share about our turnkey process and our personal involvement in their business. Energy Stewards also offers financing options that provide you with monthly payments that are equal to or less than your savings from your lighting retrofit! That means no effect on your cashflow!

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