Value Distribution

T-5 and T-8 fluorescent lighting upgrade to LED


With only a 3-year old building, Value Distribution in Altoona, Pennsylvania came to us to see how a lighting retrofit could save them money on their utility bills. They have a 100,000 sq. ft. warehouse and office facility that used the latest in fluorescent lighting – T-5 and T-8 fixtures & lamps.


We conducted a free energy lighting audit and found that even though they were using the latest energy-efficient fluorescent bulbs, they did not provide the best option for Value Distribution. With long burn times due to round-the-clock shifts, LED lighting would provide the best solution. Energy Stewards removed the fluorescent lighting and replaced them with LED equivalents, and as a result was able to show them significant savings.


In addition to the monthly utility savings, LED lights also cut down on maintenance costs associated with fluorescents, as they have a significantly longer lifespan. Energy Stewards was also able to secure utility rebates that could be applied directly to the cost of the job. The end result was a 2.9 year payback and they couldn’t be more pleased.

Total project cost:


Utility Bill Savings:


Maintenance Savings:


Project payback time:

about 2.9 years

The Process

Energy Stewards takes pride in making upgrading your lighting to LED simple. Our turnkey 5-step process is comprehensive and designed to make your life easy.


Free audit of your electrical usage and lighting.


Customized efficient lighting solution for more output with less usage.


Experienced staff remove your old lighting and install new.


We take care of properly recycling your old bulbs.


We take care of rebate forms for you on top of lowering your utility/maintenance costs.

Returning customers, such as Value Distribution, have had nothing but positive feedback to share about our turnkey process and our personal involvement in their business. Energy Stewards also offers financing options that provide you with monthly payments that are equal to or less than your savings from your lighting retrofit! That means “net-neutral” on your cash flow..

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