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PPL has added new program incentives for businesses. A lighting upgrade just got WAY more affordable!

Talk to us today to see if your business meets the PPL criteria for this program. Rebates expire soon, so don’t wait! The process is painless. We promise. Three simple questions and that’s all we need to know. Don’t leave major rebate increases on the table!

LED lights provide huge savings in electric bills.

Replacing your inefficient metal halide and fluorescent lights improves both your lighting quality and your bottom line. The experts at Energy Stewards will perform a free lighting energy audit to assess what you need and find the best rebates available to you. And now is the time. These triple rebates won’t last long.

Let us help you find the best lighting solution for your company that saves you money and energy for your parking lots, office spaces, manufacturing site, warehouses, retail locations, and other facilities.

One of our clients went from a $9,000 rebate to a $27,000 rebate overnight!

It’s time for a new quote!

Even if you’ve gotten a recent quote from us or any other provider, you should contact us for an updated proposal. We’re happy to revisit your project and provide you with new numbers. These are significant rebates. Don’t leave free money behind!

Energy Stewards is proud to be an approved contractor serving PPL Electric customers in these areas:

We also serve First Energy, Duquesne Light & PECO territories.

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