Haven't updated your lighting in the past 5 years?


Still using T-12 fluorescent lights?  They aren’t being manufactured anymore! Whether your company uses fluorescent lights, metal halides, partial LEDs, let us help you find the best lighting solution for the highest energy savings unique to your commercial, industrial, or manufacturing facility.

Why update to energy efficient lighting in your commercial space?

In large commercial & industrial buildings, lighting can contribute to over 25% of your total energy consumption. A free audit from Energy Stewards shows you just how much you can save by switching to LEDs and other energy efficient lighting solutions. Whatever your needs we have the experts to help you find cost effective options for:

  •  keeping your lights on 24/7 
  •  providing warehouse & production area lighting using high-bay fixtures
  • maintaining well-lit low-bay employee areas
  •  keeping parking lots secure with bright lights

Our experts at Energy Stewards work with each client to improve lighting quality, reduce inefficiency, and find the energy saving commercial lighting solution that’s right for them.


Does your commercial, industrial, or retail facility have T-12, T-5, or T-8 fluorescent lights? Switching to LED will improve your lighting conditions and gain energy savings.

metal halides

Metal halide lights lose more than 1/3 of their capacity in their first year of use alone, and continue to lose capacity over time! However, they still draw 100% of the power. Switching to energy efficient LED lights instantly reduces your utility bills and increases your bottom line, and they never love output capacity.


Many utility companies offer rebates for businesses who upgrade their lighting, saving you even more money than the utility bill savings associated with high-efficiency lighting. Energy Stewards takes care of navigating the mountain of rebate paperwork for you at no additional cost. With long-established relationships with all of the utility companies and various rebate program managers, we are able to maximize the rebate money you receive and expedite the process.

The following Pennsylvania companies are currently advertising rebates:


Rebates are contingent on availability and utility company criteria.


1. Evaluate

Our lighting experts will do a thorough walkthrough of your facility, identifying poor and inefficient lighting. We pay attention to your company’s unique needs and any deadlines associated with your lighting update.

2. Design

We’ll give you a detailed plan of improving lighting quality, reducing energy usage & maintenance expenses, and maximizing available incentive from the utility company. Our comprehensive proposals are easy to read, detail project costs, your energy & maintenance savings, potential rebates and calculate your investment payback.

3.  Install

Our team handles  the full retrofit or installation of your new lights so you don’t need to find a contractor or pull your electricians and maintenance crew away form their regular duties.

4. Recycle

Energy Stewards will remove your old lights and fixtures, and properly dispose of them, recycling as required. Any lights that contain hazardous materials such as mercury, will be properly disposed of.

5. Save

You can save up to 70% on your lighting bill when you upgrade to new high-efficiency lighting solutions. Take advantage of current rebates for immediate savings and enjoy long-term energy savings with your new lights. Energy Stewards handles all the rebate paperwork on your behalf.


Car Dealerships

Retail Facilities

Manufacturing Facilities

Parking Lots


Shipping Depots

Benefits of Energy Efficient Lighting Retrofits & Upgrades

  • Reduce energy bills & increase savings
  • Improve safety & working conditions
  • Enhance employee productivity
  • Reduce maintenance costs due to longer light lifespan
  • Lower carbon emissions