Commercial Facilities

Let’s upgrade to LEDs at your commercial property!

All commercial spaces have different lighting budgets and needs due to varying business types. As a property owner or manager, you may lease your space for stores, offices and warehouses. LED lighting can improve each space and the entire building as a whole.

Brighter lighting will help stores attract more business, offices boost employee productivity, warehouses eliminate accidents and parking lots improve security. LED lighting has been proven to help companies increase job performance and success by 8.34% and mood rating by around 33%. The better employees can see, the better they work.

I’m in the mood for sales Replacing old halogen and fluorescent lighting with LEDs in your commercial building will increase:

Safety and security

Reliability and efficiency

Energy and maintenance savings


Lower Maintenance and Energy Costs

Traditional bulbs like fluorescent and halogen requires a lot of expensive maintenance. They are constantly burning out and have a much shorter burn life than LEDs. Halogens, for example, have a 3,000-hour burn life while LEDs can last about 50,000 hours. In the long run, upgrading to LEDs and replacing old lighting solutions is more beneficial. In fact, studies show that you can reduce maintenance costs by up to 86% and energy costs by 75% with a switch to LED lighting.

    Why and How to Upgrade to LEDs

    The advantages of upgrading to LEDs are endless. They are cost-effective, easy to maintain and highly durable. LEDs are designed to last a long time and not break, so having them installed is hassle-free for you. Our 5-step turnkey process at Energy Stewards makes upgrading your lighting as easy as possible. We’ll take care of the entire process, which includes designing customized lighting solutions, installing new energy-efficient lights, recycling old bulbs and taking care of all utility rebate program paperwork.

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      Proven ROI

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