Industrial & Manufacturing Facilities

A lighting upgrade improves your bottom line!

Manufacturing facilities naturally have high energy consumption. Reducing your energy usage even a little bit can go a long way in improving your bottom line. Replacing your inefficient metal halide & fluorescent lights with LED lights can provide a host of benefits for your company.


  • Improved workplace safety
  • Improved productivity
  • Improved accuracy along production lines
  • Reduced energy costs

All of these impact your bottom line

All of these impact your bottom line. We know a lighting upgrade project can seem overwhelming. Unlike lighting suppliers or installers, Energy Stewards handles all aspects of a lighting upgrade project, from design through installation, so you don’t have to.

Our unique 5-step turnkey process is designed to make it easy for you to quickly bring a lighting upgrade project to fruition. From design to install to recycling to rebates, Energy Stewards handles ALL of it. …now you see the light!

Minimized downtime

Downtime is kryptonite to any manufacturing process. We work with your manufacturing schedule to minimize or eliminate any offline time. Our team are experts at logistics and we work closely with your foreman or facility manager to coordinate efforts around your schedule.

See what Beverage Air had to say about working with Energy Stewards and interruptions to their manufacturing line.

It all starts with a FREE lighting audit

We do an on-site tour of your facility to get a true picture of your lighting needs and will make energy-efficient recommendations that include rebate eligibility information. Our goal is to improve your lighting and create energy savings that reduce your costs year after year.

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How do LEDs Improve Productivity?

Research continues to show that LED lighting increases employee productivity, and that translates to improving your bottom line. One study from the International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics—comparing fluorescent and LED lighting—found an 8.3 percent performance improvement in visual and cognitive tasks. The same study found employees working LED lighting had faster reaction times, reduced fatigue and increased activity.


Learn more about how companies like yours benefitted from lighting retrofits and upgrades.

What areas are better suited for an LED lighting upgrade?

Consider a lighting upgrade anywhere you have metal halide or fluorescent lights that:


  • Cover a large area
  • Are turned on for long periods of time
  • Provide dim illumination
  • Require frequent change-outs or maintenance

Common areas for you to consider upgrading your old lighting to LED:


  • Office areas using all fluorescent lights
  • Parking lots
  • Factory floors
  • Warehouse areas