Retail Facilities

Turn the spotlight on sales!

If you’re a retail environment, the switch to LED lights could have a dramatic effect on your overall sales!

In a world where e-commerce seems to be all the rage – and a huge concern to traditional retail sales – retailers should take advantage of what online stores can never offer. First-hand interaction with your product. LED lighting can be one of your best allies in creating sales! LED lights enhance the shopper experience and allow them to view your products in a way that enhances selling.

I’m in the mood for sales

LED lights come in a variety of color hues that can be tuned to create the ambiance you want. Highlight product features that might otherwise be missed, draw attention to certain areas of the store through lighting shifts.

LEDs are effective in a variety of retail applications:


Backlighting products



Display case lighting



Indirect lighting



Muted lighting


LED lights have a very low temperature and therefore their heat output isn’t harmful to products such as food, or those displayed in smaller areas like display cases or windows.

Different areas require different lighting:

Think about the whole shopper experience when you think about lighting. Each area demands different levels and types of lighting.

  • Parking lots and outdoor areas – should be well lit and bright
  • Entrance – sets the stage for the shopper experience; fixtures, placement and color variety of lighting impacts this area and helps to draw people in
  • Product lighting – the right lighting increases shoppers’ engagement with products
  • Fitting rooms – proper lighting influences the look of clothing and allows shoppers to properly inspect items.

Creating a comfortable and welcoming environment is important in a retail setting.

LED lighting in retail facilities will:


  • Draw customers in
  • Provide a sense of direction
  • Show true colors of products
  • Create visual appeal
  • Enhance sales
  • Improve security and reduce theft

SAVING $$: The bottom line difference

Not only do LEDs help improve the overall shopping experience and bolster sales potential, they reduce your overall utility bills and maintenance costs. See how Value Distribution dramatically reduced their electric bills by upgrading to LEDs only 3 years after installing energy-efficient T8 & T5 fluorescent lights!


It all begins with a free lighting audit from our team. We will assess your retail facility to determine your lighting needs and put together a detailed proposal with energy-efficient recommendations for you. You will have a complete breakdown of proposed lighting options, costs, rebates available, energy savings and project payback times. Give us a call or send us an email.